Affordable & Low Cost Website Design Service Options for Small Businesses in Charleston SC

Affordable & Low Cost Website Design Service Options for Small Businesses in Charleston SC

If you live in the low-country, including Charleston SC, Myrtle Beach SC, Columbia SC and Savannah GA areas and are in need of affordable web design services, including building a new website or redesigning a pre-existing website, consider using the Palmetto Digital Marketing Group.

Why is it important for your organization to have a great website?

Website Design
Website Design

Websites are a vital part of everyday life.  Generally websites are used by potential customers to gather information about your organization to make sure your services are a fit for their personal needs. Time and time again, research has shown the more detail and information offered by your website, the more trust you earn with a potential customer.  Websites are generally used to: outline the products or services offered by a business or organization, provide contact information, product or service costs, supply directions and much more.  It’s vital that every business pay close attention to what’s available on through their website, because a website usually makes the first impression, so make sure you put your best foot forward!

Summary: a clean, functional, informative website is necessary to portray your organization and its brand. Whether you need a new website concept or a redesigned website concept, please consider consulting with Palmetto Digital Marketing Group today to make your website stand out from the rest.

If I need a website, how expensive is it to create one if I use your services.

The cost of building a website depends on several factors.  These factors include: (1) the size of your website (i.e. # of pages), the CMS platform you want to use (i.e  wordpress or squarespace) and most important, who generates the content for the site? If the client supplies all the necessary information, the cost is substantially lower.  If our group creates the content, the cost increases greatly, this is due to the fact that our team will need to research and write the content.


Website with less than 8 pages:

from $399 -$799

Website with more than 10+ pages

from $699-$1999:

Actual prices will be given after the initial consultation

Summary: building a website or redesigning a website does not have to break the bank.  The more information you supply to your design company, the lower the price.  Building a site can be surprising affordable.  If you have a website that currently has content but needs an updated design concept, please consider consulting with us today. We offer fast turnaround times and low cost if content exist. 

Should I use WordPress or Squarespace for my web content management system (CMS)

Both Wordpress and Squarespace have pros and cons, we like both CMS platforms.  We will provide a summary of what we like and dislike for each CMS below.




  •  Ultimate flexibility
  •  Countless themes
  •  Ecommerce capabilities
  •  More development options
  • Unlimited plugins, for streamlined functionality
  • Flexibility w/ plug-ins
  • Free! 


  • Not easy to use for beginners
  • Steep learning curve
  •  Not all themes are free (additional cost for full template use)
  • Not all plugins are 4 Star + (some plug-ins are lack-luster)
  •  No live customer service (wordpress forums are knowledge base)
  •  Not all template are mobile responsive




  • Incredible template designs
  • Great codebase for SEO
  • Easy learning curve
  • Ecommerce capabilities
  • Built in plug-ins
  •  Electronic 24 hour customer service
  • Mobile responsiveness
  •  Free domain name with 12 month subscription


  •   Limited themes/templates
  •   Limited flexibility for non-developers
  •   More overall cost for hosting and services
  •   Limited add-ons (widgets/plugins)

Summary: both wordpress or squarespace are great choices for a CMS. Palmetto Digital Marketing Group is comfortable building on either platform.  To decide which option is best for you, please consult with our design company to find out which will be best for you. If you consult with our group, you can take advantage of our value added digital marketing and social media marketing services in addition to our web design services. Please note, we would be happy to assist with changes to your website post the initial design implementation.


At Palmetto Digital Marketing Group we offer digital marketing, web design and eCommerce management services to companies throughout the lowcountry, including Charleston SC, North Charleston SC,  Savannah GA, Myrtle Beach SC & Columbia SC regions. Think of us as the digital marketing extension of your company. Our motto is “we do digital, so you don’t have too.”