Ecommerce Strategies for Small Companies & Businesses

Ecommerce Strategies for Small Companies & Businesses

About PDMG: we are a digital marketing, strategic ecommerce consulting company & web design firm serving Charleston SC, Myrtle Beach SC, Columbia SC and Savannah GA. 

In this post, we are going to list the most effective ecommerce strategies for small businesses. In creating a strategic roadmap to build and expand your ecommerce business our group recommends focusing on these 4 principal ecommerce areas:

(1) Ecommerce Website Design

Ensure that your ecommerce website offers best in class web design, functionality and content.

That’s right, if you build it right they will come and come and keep coming…  To start, you will  need a compelling website design to capture your audience’s attention.  Once you capture your audience with great web design, you make sure your website is loaded with unique and captivating content to engage your site visitors and hopefully keep them onsite!  The last piece of the puzzle is your websites functionality. The better the function, the better the conversion. The better the conversion, the more dollars that role in. 


What: Redesigned websites

Why: Create modern, clean, crisp, responsive look and feel

How: Pick the right web platform (turnkey is better)


What: Create great content

Why:  Your fabulous content will feed SEO, your brand proposition, increased conversion rate

How: Use content on sites, emails, blogs, (partner) sites and external blogs linking back to your site


What: Offer great website functionality

Why:  Fast website load times, single page customer checkout,  win-back abandon cart triggers equals more conversions! 

How:  By choosing a turnkey website builder you get best in class web functionality & scaling

(2) Digital Marketing

Ensure that your digital marketing efforts support corporate and strategic goals, create best in class content, drive new and repeat visitors or customers and drive brand awareness.

Every company is going to take it’s own unique approach to digital marketing. Some companies have big budgets and teams and some companies have small budgets and small teams. However, there are some general guidelines to follow that apply to most organizations, we’ve listed a few components of digital marketing that we think are most important to focus on.


What: Expand your digital marketing

Why: Properly use digital marketing for customer acquisition and retention

How:  SEO, sem, content marketing, social, affiliate rev-share, email marketing


What: Leverage your database unleash the power of email marketing

Why:  Use email and customer database to measure LTV & drive $’s + awareness

How:  Measure customer buying habits. Use database to mine & drive more $’s 


What: Support corporate development and omni-channel focuses

Why:  Use digital to support goals and objectives and create consistency for your customers

How:  Collaborate closely w/leadership team and business lines

(3) Fully Leverage Ecommerce Partnership Channels

Ensure that your website and business leverage online partnerships or sales channels, such as Ebay, Amazon, or 3rd party websites such as web affiliates to drive corporate brand identity,  find new customers and grow your customer database.

Ok, so we discussed website design, content and functionality; then we covered digital marketing. Another effective tool in driving your ecommerce business to new levels is leveraging web partnerships to drive sales and generate new customers and branding. 


What: Sell on Amazon


  • Largest US web store & 2nd largest US product search engine
  • Increased customer acquisition
  • Awesome deal math, i.e.  rev-share always works


  • Gain more exposure
  • Get more positive reviews
  • Create a great customer experience


What: Leverage Affiliate Marketing

Why:  Great  acquisition tool, with fixed cost, choose from 1000’s of affiliates, great brand builder

How:  Join affiliate network, recruit affiliates, create aggressive offers, create CPA incentive


What: Form partnerships with additional businesses on the web

Why: Cultivate and find new dtb partnerships to grow sales channel

How: Work existing relationships and build new (dtb) partner pipeline

(4) Ecommerce P&L & Analytics

Ensure that your company have full visibility with web analytic reporting and web P&L so your business can make actionable decisions and create reporting to provide insights for M&A  or investment. 

Data drives decisions. Companies who do not put efforts or resources into Digital Analytics or create a digital P&L are flying blind in the wind.   The most notable digital analytics tool in the market in Google Analytics, and it’s free!  Setting up Google Analytics take minutes. However, understanding what the data says is a different beast. You should bring on a Google Analytics expert to help set up reporting and make sense of interpreting the data behind your site or store. 


What: Formulate an Ecommerce P&L

Why: Benchmark results for internal uses, drive guidance, or organize for m&a, investment or sale

How: Create more visibility into results, digital P&L by brand, roll up of all spend and demand, metrics by brand, result tracking by channel


What: Use Analytics

Why: Data drives decisions

How: Use Google Analytics, free a/b testing tools

Ok, now that you have a plan laid out, set up a visual diagram of what you technology and marketing expenses will look like. We are including an example directly below. Pricing of course may vary depending on your technology partner, digital marketing efforts and number of web properties you own. 

Technology and Marketing Expenses Chart

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