Should I use WordPress or Squarespace to Design My Website: Pros & Cons Offered

Should I use WordPress or Squarespace to Design My Website: Pros & Cons Offered

In this article we are going to cover the pros and cons of using WordPress or Squarespace for your website content management platform (CMS). Full disclosure we’ve built websites on both WordPress and Squarespace, each offer pros and cons, but we really like both CMS platforms for different reasons.  Our goal is to provide you with an unbiased summary of what we like and dislike for each content management system outlined below.

Wordpress Themes and Downloads
WordPress Themes and Downloads


WordPress is an fantastic CMS system, it offers incredible flexibility.  Wordpress is an open source platform, meaning that  their source-codes are open to everybody to use and customize.  Developers and programmers can use the wordpress code base to create cool and functional tools such as plugins and templates to share to the public at no cost.  This is huge and provides incredible flexibility to WordPress users.

Because of WordPress’s maximum flexibility, it’s user community has grown to over 70 million websites and counting.

Wordpress Pros  & Cons
WordPress Pros  & Cons

WordPress Pros:

  •  Ultimate flexibility (open source)
  •  Countless web design themes (2,700)
  •  Ecommerce capabilities (Woo Commerce)
  •  Vast development options (editor)
  • Unlimited plugins, for streamlined functionality
  • Designing flexibility via plugins
  • Free! (advanced plugins and themes may incur additional cost)

WordPress Cons

  • Not easy to use for beginners
  • Steep learning curve
  • Customizations often require outside development
  • Not all themes are free (additional cost for full template use)
  • Not all plugins are 4 Star + (some plugins are lackluster & don’t work to expectations)
  • No live customer service (wordpress forums are it’s only knowledge base)
  • Not all templates are mobile responsive (require responsive plugins)


WordPress is a wonderful product that gets the job done time and time again. As we mentioned above, novice users cannot jump into platform and begin mastering WordPress immediately. There is a learning curve to WordPress’s inner mechanics and users need to be patient when creating websites on new themes.  Each theme is different and learning the bells & whistles of each theme takes time. So be patient!

When it comes to flexibility, your options are almost unlimited with WordPress. The fact that WordPress is open source, gives developers latitude in creating cool themes and functional plugins, making WordPress a great option for building your website. 

On my wish list, it would be great to have a live support options for the WordPress CMS.



Squarespace is a cool web content CMS. It’s very intuitive and offers a lot of bang for the buck. Web domain names are free if you pay for hosting in 12 month increments vs. 1 month.  Additionally, the site load times are super fast and all the site design themes are incredibly responsive.  Speaking of themes, Squarespaces themes are beautiful, but limited ( I believe there are 50+ to choose from). Design widgets and plugins are limited compared to wordpress, but Squarespace covers its basis and provides a lot of functionality out of the box. 

Squarespace Pros:

  • Incredible template designs (limited options)
  • Great codebase for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Easy learning curve (drag and drop features)
  • Ecommerce capabilities 
  • Cool built in plugins (limited however)
  • 24 hour customer support (email/chat)
  • Incredible mobile responsiveness
  • Free domain name with 12 month subscription
  • Very reasonable hosting costs
  • Developers platform for customizing code


  •   Limited themes/templates
  •   Limited flexibility for non-developers (it’s source is closed)
  •   More overall cost for hosting and services
  •   Limited add-ons (widgets/plugins)
  •   Each template has limitation in customization
  •   Bulk product import is not an option via squarespace & adding product can be tedious 


We really like squarespace.  It’s design themes (or templates) are very appealing to the eye. Using Squarespace is easier to the novice, but still takes time to master. Each design template offers limited customization. Squarespace websites are highly responsive on varying mobile devices. We really like the option of connecting to customer service when problems arise. We would like to see Squarespace offer more design templates and greater options for uploading ecommerce products. 

Overall Summary: both wordpress or squarespace are great choices for a CMS.  Both offer advantages and disadvantages, this is why we published this article. Our goals were to summarize both the pros and cons of each CMS.  If you are looking for a more detailed comparison of the two CMS systems we recommend visiting website builder expert. They produced a detailed article which we found highly informative. 

Palmetto Digital Marketing Group is comfortable building on either platform.  To decide which option is best for you, please consult with our design company to find out which option best fits your needs.

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