Why Your Small Business or Nonprofit Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy

Why Your Small Business or Nonprofit Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy

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Any business or nonprofit organization can reach to millions of people through digital marketing.  A well optimized website along with diligent digital marketing efforts can target customers and drive in more traffic to their website. By using digital marketing strategies you can attract more customers or members who are interested in your products or services. The most important factors for using using digital marketing is to:

  • Target new and pre-existing customers
  • Engage in online communities or social media
  • Converse with your or a prospective audience (have a 2-way dialogue)
  • Educate customers about your products or services
  • Open up new ways to expand or generate new business

So lets examine why is it so important to invest in digital marketing if you are a small business or non profit?

1. Digital marketing is cost effective.  Digital marketing is a great way to build your audience without investing in traditional (and costly) marketing channels. Channels like email and social media marketing are extremely cost effective and create an immediate impact. You can also leverage paid search in a effective manner without breaking the bank.

2. Digital marketing provides valuable data and analytics (it’s measurable!)  One of the benefits of digital marketing is that everything is trackable and measurable.  Any small business or non profit can set up Google Analytics and start measuring data immediately. That’s huge!  You can also get valuable tracking with Google Adwords or Facebook insights!  Small businesses or nonprofits no longer have to spend thousands of dollars on a traditional advertising.

3. Digital marketing ties you to your business or venture.   As a business owner, you want to develope your personal brand.  You can use social media to listen and communicate to your customers and actually get valuable and actionable information, like what they want most via feedback!. The more you’re able to identify yourself as a thought-leader, the more your organization can benefit. 

4. Think of digital marketing as the foundation for future marketing endeavours. Start small and grow your organization. Once you get the wheels in motion through digital marketing you can test more traditional advertising like print or TV. You need to start somewhere, right? 

5.  You can use digital marketing to set a direction. Companies without a clear digital strategy don’t have strategic goals.  Use digital to help drive your organization’s strategy!

6.  If you use digital marketing correctly you can keep your competition from gaining market share.  If you are not presently executing digital marketing strategies you can be assured your competition is!  Your organization needs to be actively leveraging digital marketing to keep in front of current or potential customers.   If you are not using digital media,  your competition will take market share away from your business or organization, this is a fact that you can count on.

7.  Using digital marketing can help you have a clear online value proposition. Having a well defined customer value proposition will help your differentiate your business from your competition.  Through digital marketing you can clearly state what sets your business apart, and convince your customers that your product or service is superior! 

8.  Using digital marketing can be the first step of mastering an integrated marketing strategy. Once you have a digital marketing component added to your business, the next progression in ensuring marketing success is properly integration digital with traditional media or response channels. As a general rule, you don’t want to keep your digital and traditional marketing channels siloed; this is considered a big, no-no.

The specific reasons listed above a strong arguments for leveraging digital marketing. Business or nonprofits that use digital marketing effectively are rising to the top and succeeding on the web!   If you have any questions or comments about the information listed above please contact us.

At Palmetto Digital Marketing Group we offer digital marketing, web design and eCommerce management services to companies throughout the lowcountry, including Charleston SC, North Charleston SC,  Savannah GA, Myrtle Beach SC & Columbia SC regions. Think of us as the digital marketing extension of your company. Our motto is “we do digital, so you don’t have too.”