Looking to make an impact on the Amazon platform? Want to crush your competition?

You need Palmetto Group on your team.

As a leading Amazon Marketing Agency, we provide advanced marketing and advertising strategies to ensure your Amazon business grows and grows profitably. Our advertising and business managers will make sure we use best practices in both Amazon advertising and marketing. We use a blend of tactics that enable tangible Amazon platform growth. We may use 3rd party software to help scale your overall marketing efforts. Many of our staff members are Amazon advertising certified. They are masters at navigating the marketplace. With PDMG on your team, you’re in good hands. We offer proven Amazon marketing services to boost your sales on the Amazon platform.

Marketing Services to Drive Impressions and Conversions on Amazon

Palmetto Digital Marketing Group, a full-service, turnkey Amazon Management Service, concentrates entirely on assisting Amazon sellers and vendors in achieving the best results in every aspect of their Amazon business. To achieve maximum sales on the Amazon platform, robust and complex advertising campaigns, solid copy-writing, super creative design, and aggressive promotional strategies must be incorporated and more importantly embraced. That’s where the Palmetto team enters into the equation.

Our marketing and advertising managers are experts at setting up and managing Sponsored Ad, Sponsored Brand, Sponsored Display, Video in Search, Coupon, and Promotion Strategies to drive platform growth. Don’t forget, good creative design is part of the marketing mix. Strong creative helps boost your conversion rates. The higher your conversion rates, the more money you can earn on the platform. Our Amazon advertising and marketing services can skyrocket your sales if incorporated correctly. But keep in mind, all this will entail ample monetary investment. High-growth sellers embrace each of the strategies listed directly above.

Our Amazon advertising and marketing managers can ensure your products are seen in the Amazon search results. The more impressions and conversions, the more demand you can generate on the platform. As an Amazon selling partner, you are well aware the products you offer are the best solution for the customer’s needs in the target market they are searching. Your job now is to make sure potential customers see your products. When you leverage Amazon advertising programs you can place your products directly in front of customers primed to purchase on the platform. Having your marketing and advertising managed by Palmetto’s business managers will get you the results you are seeking. Palmetto Group’s key goal in offering marketing services is to help Amazon sellers succeed on the Amazon platform. Our Amazon marketing services can be used to:
– Drive impressions & views to your Amazon pages through a range of sponsored advertising products

– Use advanced Amazon advertising strategies to boost your ROI and overall sales

– Use advanced Amazon Advertising strategies to take market share away from your competitors

– Use advertising to boost your product’s BSR and increase your rankings on the Amazon platform

– Create coupons and promotions to stand out from your competition and boost conversion rates

– Use amazing creative design to boost your conversion rates, thus driving more sales

Why Choose our Amazon Marketing Services?

– Palmetto Group has assisted Amazon sellers in managing Amazon advertising and marketing since 2014

– Our advertising managers use the best advertising and marketing practices used on the Amazon platform

– Our advertising managers are certified by Amazon to run advertising campaigns

– We manage to an agreed upon TACOS (total advertising cost of sales) ratio that fits your profit modeling

– We provide comprehensive advertising and marketing services at affordable rates


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