amazon agency president and CEO Phillip D’orazio
Phillip D’Orazio
President & CEO
amazon agency creative director John Churchill
John Churchill
Creative Director
amazon agency projects and business director Dawndra Hamilton
Dawndra Hamilton
VP/Account Director
amazon marketing agency off shore team lead and business director Nitin Goyal
Bobby Rody
Advertising Program Mgr.
amazon marketing agency content director Gwen House
Gwen House
Content Director
professional marketing agency customer success manager Kenish Magwood
Kenish Magwood
Customer Success Director
professional marketing agency web graphic designer Manpreet Singh
Syed Ameer
Advertising Analyst
full service agency technical account manager June Wessinger
June Wessinger
Technical Account Director
full service agency marketing manager Emory Parsons
Irish Cuyos
Content Specialist
Tashana Grant
Account Manager
Harrison Sahm
Data Science Manager
Brittany Paul
Performance Director
Athena Greschler
Account Director