Want insights, look no further! The success and growth of your Amazon business highly depends on your awareness of the company’s performance

We are all about bar charts and net profit margins. Awareness of your Amazon business’ performance via metrics and reporting allows you to focus your business approach to drive and improve sales. The better you understand your performance, the more you can maximize your efforts for efficiency. Our top-notch Amazon reporting and analytics team provides weekly and monthly reports on various statistics to include specialized P&L reports. The goal is to allow sellers to visibly see how well they are performing so their concentration and efforts can be placed in areas where improvements are needed.

Maximize The Potential For Your Business On Amazon

Palmetto Digital Marketing Group, the fastest-growing amazon agency, aims to support Amazon sellers in achieving the best results in every aspect of their Amazon business. It’s all in the numbers as they paint the real picture.

Our Amazon reporting and analytics services team is equipped with the tools necessary to ensure all your efforts in marketing and selling your products achieve optimal results. Here at PDMG, we take on the task of analyzing the performance of every aspect of your business. We implement cutting-edge techniques to consistently identify and integrate improvements to the daily operations and functions of your business.

PDMG’s Amazon reporting and analytics services include weekly and monthly reports on various metrics, Brand Analytics Reports and Profit/Loss Reports. All of these are used for the purpose of identifying areas where performance improvement is needed to grow the business. Our Amazon selling partners have found our Amazon insights useful in:


  • – Identifying aspects of the business that perform better than others
  • – Getting up-to-date, specialized profit and loss reports
  • – Discovering new ways to get higher sales and better BSR for your products
  • – Streamlining the integration of enhanced approaches to your marketing on Amazon


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    Why Choose our Amazon Reporting and Analytics Services?

    • – Since 2014, Palmetto Digital Marketing Group has aided Amazon sellers in becoming more successful on the platform.
    • – Our Amazon reporting and analytics team utilizes advanced software to achieve insights that give your Amazon business a leading edge over the competition.
    • – PDMG supplies our Amazon selling partners with information that can be used to prioritize your approach and gain a greater number of sales.
    • – Because of our advanced knowledge and experience, here at PDMG, we manage your business as if it were our own.
    • – Our advanced reporting and analytics services are offered to our clients at affordable rates.