Outsourced Customer Service for Amazon Sellers

Outsourced Customer Service for Amazon Sellers

Are you an Amazon Seller looking to outsource your customer service functions to free up more bandwidth allowing you to concentrate on other necessary tasks? Or are you a small to medium sized business with limited resources for hiring staff? Palmetto Digital Marketing Group offers Amazon Sellers of all sizes and types exclusive customer service solutions.

Outsourced Amazon Seller Central Customer Service Solutions


Palmetto Digital Marketing Group or PDMG will respond to customer service questions within your Amazon Seller Central account on your behalf. That’s right, we learn your business and answer customer questions for you. We will monitor all customer service inquiries twice daily Monday – Friday, and once over the weekends Sat-Sun. We even answer all customer service inquiries during holidays such as New Year Day, Christmas Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving.


PDMG will monitor your Amazon Seller Central Account daily for potential negative feedback. If negative, harmful or neutral feedback is left, PDMG will fight every message. We will create cases with Amazon’s customer service team to remove every potential harmful feedback message. We understand how important it is to keep your feedback scores as close to perfect.


We all know that removing negative reviews is very difficult on Amazon. The team at PDMG will fight any negative review that can be “potentially” overturned. While our success rate is low due to Amazon’s relaxed position on negative review removals, we do have limited success in overturning negative reviews. So let the team at PDMG work for you!


Order Defect Rate (ODR)

In short, any order that has negative seller feedback, an A-to-Z claim, or a credit card chargeback is considered as having a ‘defect’ by Amazon. The ODR is calculated by dividing the number of ‘defect’ orders by the total number of orders over a certain time period. When a customer buys any product on Amazon they are invited to leave feedback related to the seller. If a customer leaves negative seller feedback, this will affect your ODR metric score

Pre-Fulfillment Cancellation Rate (PFCR)

The PFCR refers to the percentage of orders which are cancelled by the seller before shipment. The most common reason for this happening is bad stock management. Quite simply the seller can’t provide the product they’ve listed to the customer who’s tried to buy it.

Late Shipment Rate (LSR)

The metric is the percentage of your orders that have been shipped late. Amazon states that “A late order is one whose shipment confirmation is overdue by 3 or more days.” You can ship a product to a customer the second an order is placed but if you fail to update this information on your seller account and notify Amazon (and therefore the customer) then your LSR will increase. So remember to tell Amazon every time you ship out an order!

Policy Violations

If you list a product on Amazon which violates one of their policies, either due to the nature of the item itself or due to the way the item is listed you will receive a notification. Be sure to regularly check your “Performance Notifications” – which you can find in the performance section of Seller Central.

Buyer-Seller Contact Response Time (SLA)

This SLA metric measures the number of customer messages you have responded to within the 24 hour time frame recommended by Amazon. It’s important that you check your Amazon messages regularly. It also doesn’t matter what day of the week a customer contacts you, even on weekends you have to reply to customers. A good seller should take far less than 24 hours to respond to a customer inquiry so it’s important to create a schedule that allows you to check your Seller Central account multiple times throughout the day.

About Palmetto Digital Marketing Group

PDMG a top-rated amazon agency offers its clients end to end Amazon store management. Our account managers run every aspect of your Amazon Store. From inventory management to marketing, to listing creation, to customer service, to sales reports, to inventory analysis, creating FBA shipments, SFP set up to monthly account reporting. We use a systematic approach to create management efficiencies. Our end to end account management offers our clients turnkey solutions.

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