Home Improvements Case Study


Home Improvements


  • Home Materials Manufacturer 
KPI of Campaign
  • Increased Sales from $100K to $200K per month in 4 months
  • Revamped advertising account
  • Implemented mass Amazon product targeting
  • Increased our positive reviews
  • Leveraged customer service tactics to reduce return rates
Key Themes
  • Took over the account from a successful single business owner
  • Targeted ad strategies to increase revenues
  • 99%+ in stock levels
  • Created real revenues through Amazon FBA reimbursement program

This client has a great product line but was a one person show.  The client could not run their business Amazon business alone. It was just too much.  4 months after working with Palmetto Group they hit $200K+ per month in sales, which continue to climb.

OVERVIEW: Managing the Amazon platform was being completed by the owner of the company. While versed in Amazon he was not a subject matter expert. The owner of the company could not dedicate the time and effort to grow the Amazon account. You know the saying, “good managers hire good managers."  After 4 months we took the account to $200K+ per month. The account continues to grow monthly.

INITIATIVES: We started with overhauling their Amazon on-page content. New images, new A+ content, new video, new copy, new brand store. We then followed with an advertising account overhaul. We implemented campaigns to target thousands of like products to increase impressions and move up in the search rankings. Their products are now top sellers in the category. 


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