Merging ASINS on Amazon

Merging ASINS on Amazon

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What is Merging?

Merging is combining two separate detail pages (ASINS) on Amazon to a single ASINs detail page.

How does the Merge Process Work?

-The two ASINS both have a “title”.

    • ASIN A -also known as the “target” ASIN, this is the ASIN you want to keep
    • ASIN B-also known as the “source” ASIN, this is the ASIN you want to merge

-Once the two listings are combined, all the contributions from the source ASIN combine with the target ASIN. The target ASINS contributions (title, image, etc.) and the ASIN itself will now appear on the detail page for that product.

    • Reviews do combine as well; this process can take up to 72 hours once the merge has been completed

-When requesting an ASIN merge, make sure you are listing the correct ASIN with the correct “title” as it can be difficult to merge a listing once it has been unmerged from the same ASIN pair.


Why would I merge a listing?

-Duplicate product pages in the Amazon catalog are confusing to customers and can make product search and purchasing decisions difficult. To make for the best buying experience, Amazon asks that you list your offer on an existing detail page to prevent the above from happening. It is also a policy violation of Amazon if you are creating a new detail page for a product that already exists.

What are the requirements to merge a listing?

-The products must be exactly the same, the same color, size, packaging, etc. Product IDs are not required to match as the sellers who are listing the duplicate products likely purchased a product ID from a third-party website.

What if I have two duplicate listings in my inventory?

-If you are the seller who listed the duplicate listing Amazon typically asks that you delete the duplicate. The reason for this is a policy was broken when the duplicate listing was created.

What if my ASIN was merged by mistake?

-If your listing was merged by mistake it can be unmerged. If this is something you would like done, the Amazon Catalog team would have to assist you with this request. When contacting them you will need to provide them with the target ASIN. If you do not know the source ASIN that is fine as they will be able to find that information for you.

-If the unmerge request is approved, it can take up to 24 hours for the listing to “go back to normal”. Breaking of the reviews may take longer, as a different system processes listing reviews.

-If you have inventory at the Fulfillment Center for the listing that was unmerged, the system should automatically move the inventory back to the correct ASIN. If the inventory is still under an incorrect ASIN after 24 hours, you will need to contact the FBA team and ask for them to remap your inventory.


-ASINs for brands registered in Amazon Brand Registry can only be merged if the requester is the rights owner. If the rights owner is not requesting the merge the merge will be denied.

-If Amazon Retail is contributing to a listing and a merge is requested, the ASIN must be merged into the ASIN with the retail contributions. If this is something you are requesting, most of the time Amazon’s Seller Support Catalog team needs to contact Retail directly and ask for the merge to be completed.

-If Seller Support states the merge was “rejected” due to an internal system reason, the Catalog team can contact an internal Amazon team and ask to override the request, but most of the time those requests are rejected.

-If the ASIN merge request is “blacklisted”, the merge cannot be completed regardless of who is contacted internally.