Amazon Product Inserts: Do’s and Don’ts, Samples and Suggestions

Amazon Product Inserts: Do’s and Don’ts, Samples and Suggestions

What is a product insert?

It is an insert card delivered with your product, inside the product package, that communicates information to your customer. When a customer opens your package, they will see the card and the product.

What should I be using a product insert for? Why is it beneficial?

  • Product inserts allow you to communicate directly with your customer, which can be hard to do on Amazon
  • You can provide useful information to your customer
  • It is another chance to showcase your branding and enhance the customer experience
  • Product inserts can help build brand loyalty and boost engagement
  • If you approach the content of the product inserts strategically, you can potentially get more reviews on your products, all the while following Amazon’s product insert rules

DO’S AND DON’TS: Amazon Product Insert Rules to Follow

  • DON’T direct to 3rd party websites (other places where you sell your product). Always keep all correspondence on the Amazon platform.
  • DON’T share contact information (email or phone number)
  • DON’T offer incentives in exchange for a review (discounts, free products, payment)
  • DON’T ask specifically for a positive review, keep the language neutral
  • DON’T use manipulative language to encourage reviews. This is strictly prohibited. (i.e. “We donate to charity, so give us a review”)
  • DON’T offer to solve potential product issues (customer service) before a customer leaves a review
  • DON’T ask customers to change a review for any reason
  • DO say thank you to your customer
  • DO include product instructions or warranty information if needed
  • DO use neutral language when referring to feedback or reviews
  • DO show off your branding

Sample of A Good Product Insert: