Amazon Seller Central Support Structure: Catalog

Amazon Seller Central Support Structure: Catalog

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Did you know that Amazon Seller Support has different teams to help support various issues a seller might face? You may not realize it when you call, but Amazon connects you to a certain team based on the issue noted in the case you created. In order to best utilize Seller Support for your business, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the support structure.

Let’s look at the support structure specifically for the Amazon Catalog. Keep in mind, there is more to Amazon than just the catalog, so there are more teams for Amazon as a whole than just the catalog.

Catalog Outsourced Support Team:

Who They Are:

-Entry Support, No Amazon Knowledge

Where They Are:


What They Do:

-They read solely from Amazon help pages and internal documents

-They place calls on hold and can reach out to a lead for general & on spot Q/A to support sellers

-They frequently track cases to higher tier teams (i.e Brand Registry, FBA, Advertising)

-They are set up to answer very simple questions

Example of What They Can Help With:

-Add a product, update images

Catalog Captive Team:

Who They Are:

Tenured Associates, English First Language, More knowledge than Level 1

Where They Are:

Mostly U.S. Based, with some captive members promoted from overseas teams

What They Do:

-They handle more complex casework

-They have more permissions than Outsourced Support

-They have the ability to problem-solve more than Outsourced Support

-They have a good understanding of routing cases to solve problems (i.e submitting requests with technicians)

-They have access to peers with tribal knowledge (this means they can contact peers who have vast catalog knowledge prior to the new system)

-A few of these associates have access to update retail contributions

Example of What They Can Help With:

-Feed Issues, Catalog Issues that require more work than simply: save, edit, finish

(ERT) Escalation Resolutions Team:

Who They Are:

Very tenured and knowledgeable reps that have been selected by leadership

Where They Are:

U.S. Based

What They Do:

-This is a newly created, highly trained team

-They operate by email only (non-phone currently)

-They are awarded with the most tools and permissions

-They are able to update retail contributions (i.e. Amazon Retail Contributions for Vendor Accounts)

-They are seen as a high level of priority, as they can fast track cases (Meaning, when a case goes to a technician, this team can fast track a resolution)

Important Things to Note about the ERT Team:

-We believe there is an internal flag that triggers this team to take action based on the number of times a case is re-opened, but we do not know the exact number.

-There is no direct transfer to this team. Meaning, you cannot just request that your case be sent to this team. The team is 100 percent closed off.

-This team was created to be one step below the Executive Relations Team, which is a very* high level support team (their email address is [email protected]). They provide a level of support one step below the Executive Relations Team and take off some of their workloads. (We assume there are only a few Costa Rican Captives on the Executive Relations Team, but we cannot be sure.)

-This team can solve most issues, but they cannot trump Brand Registry.

-In the future, Amazon hopes to have this entire team tri-skilled. Meaning, every member of this team would be able to help with general, catalog and FBA issues.